Home of the Bradley Smoker South Africa

Interest in cooking and entertaining outdoors has been a steadfast tradition in South Africa as far back as most people can remember, and probably a very long time before that. I wouldn’t go so far as to label us a “Braai Nation” but pretty close, so it goes without saying that our palates are “accustomed” to food with a smoky awesomeness in its flavour.

To give you a brief history, Bradley Smokers originate from the Canadian west coast, more specifically the province of British Columbia, which is home to Bradley Technologies Inc. It was the North American tradition of “Smoke Barbecuing” that first brought the Bradley Smoker to the market. Barbecue meals with a smoky flavour are commonplace throughout North America, and this is where the Bradley Smoker found its place, and took smoke barbecuing to a new level. By bringing control, convenience and repeatability to what had always been an ‘out in the garden’ and fairly labour intensive affair.

Bradley Smokers SA (Pty) Ltd have imported 2 different sizes of these amazing smokers, namely the 4 Rack which comes in both analogue and digital versions, and then there’s the big brother, the 6 Rack Digital, all three of which have the option of adding a “Cold Smoke Adapter” which is essential to create a truly cold smoked environment…then lastly but certainly not least there is the Bradley Smoke Generator, which is a special piece of kit that comes with a blueprint on how to make your own smoker, so whether you’re a gadget person or a DIY lover there’s a Bradley Smoker to suit your needs. When it comes to the actual smoke that sets these awesome machines apart from the rest, there are a range of 11 flavoured hard wood bisquettes, which are essentially little pucks of wood that have been meticulously designed and formulated for the Bradley smoker, controlling the burn time and extinguishing the puck once its smoked, ensures the smoke that wraps around the food is always pure and clean.
Venison – Hunter: Whether you choose to smoke the prime cuts or the larger joints, smoked venison is one of the finest delicacies available including salami’s and biltong.

Boerewors / Sausage Maker: Home sausage making is very much on the up. if you like your sausages smoked they are usually smoked cold. It’s a fast simple and reliable process in the Bradley Smoker.

Pig Producer: Think bacon sausages and hams. A Bradley Smoker will revolutionise your view on pork products and how awesome they are when smoked…

Braai Master: There is an entire tradition of braaing with smoke that has built up in North America and the Bradley websites are packed with recipes for using the smoker as a braai. Your guests will not have tasted anything like it.

Gourmet Chefs: Top of the tree for specialist users of the Bradley Smoker in SA are gourmet chefs, both at home, and for catering in pubs and restaurants.

Fisherman: If you are a keen fisherman or woman, you can take pride in your ability to smoke your own catch. Traditional smoked fish is beyond compare when cold smoked in the Bradley Smoker. Cold Smoked is a dish that it catching on fast in South Africa Try Smoking Tuna, Snoek, Yellow tail, Shad, Trout, Shell fish, Kingfish and Marlin with Bradley’s maple Bisquettes.

Butchers: Our Bradley Smoke Generators are an extremely popular choice with butchers who wish to smoke their produce on the premises. Most popularly used for smoking bacon, butchers often choose one of the less well known smoking woods for example apple or cherry. Hams are also smoked successfully on butcher’s premises in their smokehouse and some butchers are venturing into hot smoked produce for example smoked chicken and pork.

Delicatessens and Farm Shops: As well as on the butchery counter, Bradley Smokers are put to good use smoking a range of more unusual produce such as smoked olives, smoked garlic, smoked chillies, eggs , vegetables and of course smoked cheese.

Game Sportsman: What better way to preserve the bounty of your sport than to smoke it, smoked duck, pheasant, rabbit, bore…you name it they are all meats that are perfect for the Bradley Smoker, whether cold smoked, preserved and kept for a later date or hot smoked and enjoyed with sun downers overlooking your hunting lands…