Got your shiny new Bradley Smoker, but unsure about something? There’s a good chance your question will be answered below. If not, just email us your question and we’ll respond to you directly.

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You can register your Bradley Smoker’s warranty at the Warranty Registration page right here on the Bradley Smoker website.

Try pressing the smoker on/off button with the tip of your nail and try with your knuckle. Don’t be afraid to give it a good push.

Please make sure that the cord that runs from the generator (smoker) to the smoker tower (where the food goes in) is connected tightly. Please pay close attention to the tower. There is a lip on the cord, make sure that it’s flush with the unit.

An “E” message is letting you know that there is something wrong with the advance system. It’s the connection between the motor arm and the micro switch. Please open the generator, and take a look at that switch which is going to be a gray rectangle shaped switch; first make sure that it is connected, secondly makes sure nothing is blocking that switch and the arm.

An “E1″ message is something to do with the sensor cable. The sensor cable is the short skinny cable that runs from the generator to the tower. Please make sure that it’s connected, secondly unplug it and switch the ends around, so plug “A” side into “B” and the “B” side into “A” sometime that makes a better connection. Also make sure that is nothing blocking that connection ie: loose chips, dust. Then check the connection; by wiggling one side of the connection and then the other, if the “E1″ message temporally goes away while you were wiggling one side, you need a new sensor connector.

Please call or email us, we carry most parts in stock, however in the event that we don’t have the item you need we will help you to get it from Canada.

Tel: +27 (0) 72 180 3186


You can wrap your meat in foil, basically we DON’T want you to cover your racks, or drip tray in foil. The reason for this is that the heat will be blocked below the items you are smoking/cooking, therefore not getting up to temperature. This could also cause other damage to the unit.

This could be a defective timer unit, or the bisquettes are catching on the feeder tube. First please make sure your feeder tube is pushed down. If the problem continues please call our toll free number.

This means that the motor is not making a connection with the micro-switch. You could have a defective motor or micro switch.

Please plug the tower directly into the wall, if the light turns on and the heat element starts to heat then there is a wire off in the generator. If you continue to have problems please give us a call.

There are a few things that you need to check, first is the heat element glowing red in the back of the unit, and secondly is your “V” shaped drip tray in like a “V”?

How much meat do you have in the unit? Is there space between the meat for air flow? Did you preheat your smoker? This should be done for 30-60 min, your meat should be at room temperature when it enters the smoker, Make sure you are not using foil, and lastly, make sure that the damper is open at the top of the unit.


Yes, we have 12 Pack Bisquettes available in our 4 most popular flavors that you can purchase from grocery stores etc…

You can control the moisture in you smoker by the vent in the top of the unit. If the vent is closed you will have more moisture in your unit than you would if the vent was open. Please keep in mind not to close the vent in the top all the way when smoke is running. Ex: When doing beef jerky you want to dry the meat so keep the vent all the way open the whole time.

It depends on how strong you want the smoke flavor. We suggest about half the cooking time but some say to smoke for 1/3 of your cooking time

Ex: If you are cooking for 6 hours, smoke for the first 3 hours but if you find the smoke too strong you could half that time again.